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Active Solutions is the Alternative!


“We bring a variety of quality activity and adventure to your kids”! 

Indoor and outdoor programming available 12 months out of the year!


Covid-19 Update

After School Classes
All after school classes and camps scheduled though May 1st have been cancelled. Schools are tentatively schedule to start back up the week of May 4th. Active Solutions after school classes starting after May 4th will go on as planned. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please email Pat Caldwell at 

Week 1 - Active Solutions weekly workout video 

Active Solutions Lead Instructor Rumen Hulmequist and 2x world record athlete, a paradigm on mindset coach with a degree in kinesiology has created a weekly fun workout video to keep kids active and healthy during the absence of our After School Classes and All Day Camps. While participating in these workouts, safety is priority #1. If you're doing these workouts with others, please follow CDC Guidelines. While demonstrating these workouts, Coach Rumen will give you a couple of different options.

Equipment needed - Water bottle and beach towel
Jog in place               Arm circles
Trunk twists             High knees
Butt kickers             Frankensteins
Frog hops (2 sets) 8 reps
Towel knee ups (2 sets) 10 reps
Bear crawls (2 sets) 20 second intervals
Crab walk (3 sets) 16 reps
Burpees (1 set) 10 reps
static stretching/5 deep breaths

Summer Activities




Kayak Fishing



Year-Round Activities


Team Sports

Physical Education

Running Clubs

Zumba Dance & Fitness


Winter Activities


Cross Country Skiing

Snow Shoeing

Ice Fishing

Down Hill Ski & Snowboarding

Ice Skating

Ice Games (Boot Hockey, Broomball & Boot Soccer)

Registration is Now Open for the 2019/2020 School Year and 2020 Summer Camps!

After School Classes

All Day Camps

Summer Camps

Learn more and donate to the Insports Foundation.

Active Solutions is proud recipient of the 
"2018 InSports Foundation Partner of the Year Award"

The InSports Foundation is a non-profit organization with a purpose to help kids participate in sports. To accomplish this objective, InSports provides financial assistance and sporting opportunities for kids to get in the game, enabling them to become active, confident, and successful team leaders in their communities. 

Lifeguard logo with red cross

 Lifeguard Certified 

Are you in need of a lifeguard for your school, church, sports organization or other group outing that will take place on or near water? We have staff who are Red Cross Certified in Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid for hire. 


Patrick Caldwell

Director of Sales & Marketing and Lead Instructor

Phone: 612-802-7882

Peter Hill

Owner & Lead Instructor

Phone: 952-212-7290