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2024 Ice Fishing Adventures! 

Now taking taking reservations. These adventures typically start the 2nd week in January and run through the last weekend in February. Email Pat Caldwell at or call 612-802-7882.

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Kids love to fish!

Kids love to fish! During the summer months in Minnesota it's easy to get them started. Pick up a fishing pole, a few hooks, a bobber some live bait and head to the nearest lake shore or fishing dock. As they get older you can send them off on their own for hours of fun and memories to share.  In Minnesota cold temperatures come and the lakes freeze over. Now what? If you’ve never set foot on the ice, the idea of taking your kids ice fishing  can be truly daunting.

How do we know if the ice is safe? Ice is never 100% safe. We fish lakes we are familiar with, talk to local anglers and bait & tackle shops before heading out on the ice. As well as taking other safety precautions.
How do they stay warm while ice fishing? We will teach them know how to stay warm. 
How do they catch a fish through the ice? We will teach tips and techniques on how to catch fish.
What equipment do they need to start ice fishing? We have all the gear needed including; shelters (portables and permanent), electronics (fish locaters and underwater cameras), fishing poles, live bait and heat :) 

Course Description:

Ice Fishing Adventures is perfect for the student or family that needs more movement in their lives. In Minnesota the 4 different seasons offer us the unique opportunity to experience a wide variety of outdoor adventures. Winter time gives is the unique opportunity to fish on frozen water. Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Hill have been ice fishing for many years in a variety of  different conditions. Wether we have 4-6 inches of ice or 24 inches, if its 35 degrees or -10 degrees we are able to stay active, safe and have fun doing it. During these adventures students will learn; how to dress for the weather conditions, ice safety, drill holes, read lake maps, locate fish, use electronics and a variety of angling options including, tip ups, jigging, rattle reals and dead sticking. Lessons are designed to keep kids engaged in learning activities and to keep their heart rates elevated. Character building, cooperative skills, individual success and safety are all emphasized. 

Booking Details

We are taking reservations for pods of 1-4 students and family members. We are able to accommodate up to 10 total participants (some restrictions and  limitations ). We should have time slots available starting the 2nd or 3rd week of January depending on ice conditions. We are taking reservations. For more details and pricing please contact Pat Caldwell

Pat Caldwell

Phone: 612-802-7882