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Bike Adventures (Grades 2-5)

Location: Burroughs Gym
Lead Instructor(s): Pete Hill

Course Description:

Bike Adventures (Grades 2-5)

Burroughs Physical Education Teacher, Mr. Hill has created an after school Bicycling Adventure class that is perfect for the child that needs more movement in their lives. The class include bicycling (on and off road bicycling) adventures at different City Lakes and along Minnehaha Creek (riders should be proficient with basic bicycling skills). Character building, cooperative skills, individual success, bicycle maintenance, trail etiquette and bicycle safety are all emphasized. Math, reading, health, nutrition and wellness are incorporated into the lessons. Please bring: Note for classroom teacher is required - stating your child is to go directly to the gym after school, jacket, gloves or mittens, hat, shorts, t-shirts, gym shoes, sweat pants/sweat shirts, bicycle, helmet, snack to eat before each session and a water bottle. Bicycles and helmets can be stored in the Burroughs gym for the week or locked-up outside at the bike racks next to the Burroughs playground. Upon request, we can provide a bicycle and/or helmet for your child to use for the week. See course listing for other specific information.

Course Information:

Classes meet in the Burroughs Gym after school to start, classroom teachers will escort your child from the classroom to the gym. Parents must provide classroom teachers a note stating that your child is to go directly to the gym after school. Students should bring their own snack to have before each session. Students that attend Minneapolis Kids and Rec Plus programs are welcome and encouraged to attend, these students will also be escorted to and from the gym. Active Solutions after school classes are open to any student from any school. If weather plays a factor, classes will be held in the gym and alternative activities will be played; classes will not be cancelled or rescheduled. If MPS cancels all district after school classes for any reason; Active Solutions will need to cancel all classes and they will not be rescheduled (Ski & Snowboard Club is the only exception). Students should register for the grade they are attending this school year, 2023-2024. If a child receives regular one on one type services throughout the regular school year, Active Solutions requires the parent to provide similar one on one type services throughout the duration of any Active Solutions camp or class. Parents will be required to schedule and pay for any fees associated with facilitating a service provider for their child. See course listing and course descriptions for other specific after school class information.


*** Very Important *** Please text/call Pat anytime at 612-802-7882 or email Pat at or Pete anytime at 952-212-7290 or email Pete at if your child will not be attending any given session, we want to make sure all of our students are accounted for. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll need to contact each of your phone numbers until we reach you. Please understand, we take your child’s safety very seriously.